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the results of my attempt

27 Feb

yeah… this didn’t turn out too great! I didn’t use any vaseline like i have seen others do (seeing as the producers of vaseline here tests their products on animals), so i had to do a lot of cleaning up.. i don’t have a brush for this purpose yet, so i had to use cotton, and it didn’t go so well! And then i ruined it all by trying to add some glitter nail-art polish!



that last one is my thumb, and it was the one i like best before i effed it up! Also, the topcoat ruined it a bit 😛 not my day obviously!


I’m trying out water marbeling!

27 Feb


As i’m writing this i’m waiting for the base colour to dry on my right hand (the colour is China Glaze Something Sweet), and as you can see i’m doing water marbeling! this is way harder than i thought 😛 first off i could find a toothpick, so i had to use a crochet needle, which is a bit too big i think.

It looks ok so far though! i’m really pleased with my thumb, index and pinky finger!

Need cleaning up?

26 Feb

Check out Michèle’s tutorial on how to do it riight

HERE! It’s amazing!

China Glaze – Good Witch?

26 Feb


Yeah, this was one of those camera days that didn’t work out, but you can see the colour, and the glitter comes out quite nice!

Anyroad, this is a shimmery light pink with sliver glitter in it! I really do love it in the bottle, but i’m not sure about how it looks with my skintone.. maybe when summer comes and my hands tan up a bit!

China Glaze – Revolution

25 Feb

My camera was actiong up while i was doing these swatches (i need me a macro lens), so the picture is not the best ever, but the colour is accurate!


This is a jelly, and it needed 4 coats, but it really is an amazing red colour! it looks way better on the nails than in the bottle!

Giveaway: Neglalkkmani

23 Feb

bloggergiveaway This awesome norwegian nailblogger has a giveaway on some fabulous Claire’s polishes.. go check it out 😉 HERE

pink and brown polkadots

21 Feb


H&M  Boho Chicomania and China Glaze Something Sweet! this is a really easy thing to do to spice up a mani! I don’t own any dotting tools, so i just used the slightly pointy end of a crochet-needle!

Starry “something”

19 Feb

I really don’t have a name for this design… i kinda stole it from The Daily Nail… Anywho, i used Happy Go Lucky and Sugar High, both from China Glaze! Oh, and a gold glitter nailart polish from Kiss!


Chanel Vendetta

19 Feb

This is one of the gems of my collection! I really love this polish! This one really just need one coat, but i like to do two!


China Glaze dorothy who and Starry Silver Glitter

16 Feb



The one in focus didn’t show of the splendor of this combo, so i took one without flash, and this is more accurate… two coats of each!