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China Glaze Custom Kicks

30 Mar

This was a part of the Kicks collection last summer, and i looove this colour! The only drawback is that it stains my nails horribly unless i have two layers of basecoat! Also, i have had trouble finding a topcoat that doesn’t yellow this polish.. but it looks good without a topcoat!

In sunlight!


In the indoors picture, you can really see the gold shimmer in this one! That is what makes it so unique! A teal polish with gold shimmer!! amazing!


China Glaze Dreamsicle

30 Mar


This is an interesting polish.. it’s an orange jelly base, with quite big  glitters (though the glitters are different sizes). This was 3 coats! It was a pain in the “foot” to photograph, so i had to edit a bit, but now it’s about right! It is a bit bumpy, but i really like it!!! A great colour for your toes 😉

New Swatches Coming soon!

30 Mar

Yeah.. as the title says, new swatches will be coming later today 😉

CND Effects Gold Sparkle

24 Mar


Gold Sparke is one of the CND Effects, and i LOVE it!!! I tried to capture it’s beauty here over China Glaze Lemon Fizz, but it’s kinda hard to see.. it rained that day, so no sunlight! Anyroad, this is a sort of topcoat, and it is (surprisingly) a gold sparkle-effect! It is completely transparent except the sparkles, and the brush is super great! if the other CND polishes has this brush, i’ll be a happy girl!!! You can decide how much of an effect you want by adding more layers! I’m not sure how it is on it’s own, but i’m sure it’s awesome! (it’s just that i hate my naked nails! :P)


23 Mar

i couldn’t stay away from pink.. i like this one better anyways!! i have plans to get a domain and buy that thingy on wordpress that allows me to design the entire layout myself though! So when that time comes, it will be “nailpolish-party-all-night-long-with-my-own-design-and-domain” LOLS 😛

New Design

19 Mar

I’m trying to change things up a bit… i really liked the old design, but i felt the pictures were too small! So we are trying out something new!! All the categories, links and archives are at the bottom now.. what do you think?

China Glaze Blue Sparrow

19 Mar


OMG! i looove this one! I can’t believe i’va had this for over a year without properly trying it out!!! Seeing as it is a blue neon base, it dries matte, and at the time i didn’t have a proper topcoat, i didn’t bother with it. The glitter is tiny and blue and it’s just awesome in sunlight! it’s such a deep colour!

Essie: Mint Candy Apple

17 Mar


There had been a lot of talk about this one, so natuarrly i got it… i don’t love it… i love the colour, but the brush on the mini bottle was terrible! It was tiiiny! So it got streaky and i needed 4 coats.. thats a bit much, even for me! When i need five strokes just to cover my nail, i’m not pleased! I’m guessing the bigger bottles are better, so I’m not writing of Essie completely here!

On to the colour! It’s a green mint (i wore green on st.pattys without even knowing it!), and it’s more blue-ish than Re-Fresh mint from China Glaze! It is a cream colour, and except for the brush-issue, i like it!

Depend 169

16 Mar


This is a very dark grey! It leans a bit to the blue side, and it a wonderful colour! Its a cream polish with no shimmer or sparkels in it! I do believe this was three coats!

China Glaze Heli-yum

16 Mar


This is from the Up&Away collection, and i LOOOVE it!! it’s a deep deep pink, almost a berry red.. it goes on super smooth, and this was only two coats!!