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China Glaze Agent Lavender

26 Apr

This is a much desired polish! I do believe it was is the Operation: Colour collection from 08 or 09! Anyroad, i really like this polish. It’s a very light cooltoned lavender. The first picture is indoors with flash and the second picture is in direct sunlight!




OPI Mad as a Hatter

25 Apr

I finally got it!!! i’m so happy! So this will be quite a picture-spam compared to what i usually do!

This one is a bit easier to apply than Absolutely Alice. It’s not quite as “gloopy” as AA. It is, as most of you know by now a multicoloured glitter with a clear base! It was so worth the wait! I need 100 backups so i have this for the rest of my life 😀

indoors (artificial light with flash):

indirect sunlight (through a window):

Direct sunlight:

Blurry, to show the magic:


Sephora by OPI: Mermaid to order

25 Apr


i LOVE this polish!!! which is odd, because i’m not a huge fan of metallic/shimmery finishes! This is just such a deep colour! It applies really well, though it is kind of sheer, so this is four coats!

About me

23 Apr

So, I have had this blog now for a while, and although a lot of you came over from my norwegian makeup blog, i feel like i haven’t introduced myself properly (or at all)!

So here goes, My name is Lisa. I am 20 years old, and i live in Norway. I am currently working as an opticians (? person who checks out you eyes and sells you glasses) assistent, but i hope i will be going to school in the fall.. My passion for nailpolish started ages ago, and i always feel naked without it! My focus on proper nailcare and handcare in general however, started just before i started this blog!

In addition to nails, i love makeup, and i probably would love hair too, if mine wasn’t so unruly 😛


This is me, taken on my crappy webcam.. it was the best picture of me (where i look good, not the quality) i could find right now!

So yeah.. What about you, who are you, and how did you find my blog?

latest marble

21 Apr

right hand:

left hand

All China Glaze: Grape Pop, Heli-yum, Happy Go Lucky

The blue one is self-made frankenpolish made out of Custom Kicks, White out, and Light As Air. The whole shabang is topped of by China Glaze Snowglobe 😀

China Glaze High Hopes

21 Apr


High Hopes is a beautiful dark coral and it applies really well. It’s from the Up&Away collection!

NOTD: zebra stripes

18 Apr


I recieved 5 imageplates from my last order from ocnailart, and i looove them all! i’m really getting into this konad stuff, and i have konad on both my fingers and my toes 🙂 This is China Glaze White Out, random black polish i don’t know where i bought and the imageplate m69

China Glaze White Out

18 Apr


This is a white white creme polish. It’s quite sheer in the first coat, but get up to three and it’s totally opaque! I really love this polish, both on it’s own and as a base for nailart!

new stuff: Nailart brushes

18 Apr

I decided i needed some proper nailart brushes! So i bought some 😛 I really like them! They seem to be good quality! Only thing is i think i need to reinforce the furrels (a word? the metal thingy that connects the bristles and the handle) with some superglue! some of them are a bit wriggly! I also found that some of them are great for clean-up brushes.. i don’t know if it’s real hair though, so i will not be using it in acetone! I bought it on ebay from this seller!


H&M manhunter

13 Apr

This is a black-black jelly with a shine you wouldn’t believe!!! It has no shimmer or glitter or anything. Just basic beautiful black! The application is just a dream, and this was three coats. I have to say that i have a sorta secret love of black nailpolish! I wore it way before the Chanel hype, and i still love it!