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Watermarble video!

15 May

heres a tutorial on how i do watermarbleing!

All these polishes are from H&M, as i find it turns out nicer when the polishes are all from the same brand! I topped it of with CND gold sparkles effects!

I have a separate glass i use for marbleing. i wouldn’t recomend using the nicest one in the house, seeing as it will be full of nailpolish! You can use a plastic glass or a papercup, but don’t use one of those styrofoam cups! nailpolish disolves it 😛


H&M Espresso Me

7 Mar


This is actually quite a unique polish, at least as far as my collection goes! It is dark brown cream, and i love it! It does need at least 2 coats to become opaque and even, but i normally do 3 anyways! It is quite recent, and i do believe it is still avaliable in stores. (H&M usually discontinue their polishes after about 6 months)

pink and brown polkadots

21 Feb


H&M  Boho Chicomania and China Glaze Something Sweet! this is a really easy thing to do to spice up a mani! I don’t own any dotting tools, so i just used the slightly pointy end of a crochet-needle!