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Feather konad

19 Jul

OPI Ogre the top Blue with konad imageplate that i can’t remember 😛 The stamping polish is Chanel Blue Satin



Chanel Vendetta

19 Feb

This is one of the gems of my collection! I really love this polish! This one really just need one coat, but i like to do two!


Chanel Blue Satin falls in love with Dorothy Who?

27 Jan


I was SO right about this one!!! This Combo is absolutely fantastic! I can’t describe it any better than a winter nightsky. I just love how the China Glaze doesn’t hide the Chanel, but enhances it’s beauty! Here is a macro shot of it!


For some reason it became a litte matte after i put on the glitter, so i had to use a topcoat, but i normally do that anyway, so it wasn’t much hassle!

Chanel Blue Satin

27 Jan

This was one of the best selling polishes from Chanel in 08 i believe. I Love this polish to death, but sadly i can’t wear it too much, because i don’t want to run out of it! I should maybe get a backup before it disappears from stores completely (i hope it’s still around).


This was two coats.

Chanel Sahara Beige

27 Jan

This is a gorgeous polish, but i have never quite taken to it. However, seeing as the manequin-hands are the thing at the moment, i thought i’d give it a second chance. It is a light beige with tiny tiny silver specks in it!


Seeing as it is a bit sheer, this is 4 coats i think!