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H&M Check me out!

8 Jul

AH! dry cuticles!!! darn camera showing things i can’t see in real life 😛 These pictures are kinda cool, i think! I had i tiny sliver of sunlight through a window.
On to the polish! it’s a coral creme with excelent formula! Two coats! and this was a $5 polish! I really love this colour! It looks great both on tan and pale hands! Get this if you have the chance!!! so pretty!

checkmeout2 checkmeout


China Glaze Flyin High

3 Jun

flyinhigh  flyinhigh2

Teal creme polish from the Up&Away collection! Opaque in two coats, and i really like it! Haven’t worn it as a full mani yet. Don’t really know why! There are too many polishes in the world 😛

China Glaze Laced Up

17 May

  This is my favourite pink!!! it’s a perfect medium-toned barbie creme! It came out last year with the Kicks collection, and it was one of my first ever China Glaze polishes!lacedup lacedup2

This was three coats with Microcell topcoat! and if you look closely at the first picture you can se the break in my indexnail, whic is why i now have nubbins! it’s really uncomfortable and weird to have super short nails, but i guess i’ll get over it! And they grow quite fast, so it wont be a problem for long 🙂

Shrek marble

13 May

I thought i’d finish of the Shrek Collection from OPI by doing a marble! This is with all the colours. These were all great for marbeling, but i have to say i liked the way i arranged the colours on my right hand better than the left!

left hand

right hand

OPI Funky Donkey

11 May


Funky Donkey, the last one in the Shrek collection is a deep purple creme, leaning more to blue than red! This one was super easy to apply! Two coats, and voila! I have been told that it’s a dead ringer for China Glaze Grape Pop from the Up&Away collection. So i guess if you have either one of those, you won’t need the other 😛 i like to complete sets though 😛 i’m weird like that!

OPI What’s With the Cattitude?

10 May


I dented this one… sorry! Anyway, this is a creme polish, part of the shrek collection from OPI and it’s a pastel blue! Now i don’t have the biggest nailpolish collection in the world, but i don’t have a single one like this! The colour is really pretty, but the brush was a bit wonky! Strands of hair sticks out and the application was a bit complicated. I can get past that though! From what i’ve seen on other blogs, there seems to be trouble with at least one brush from the shrek  collection for everyone 😛

OPI Rumple’s Wiggin’

9 May


Rumple’s Wiggin’ is a light purple creme and as the last swatches i’ve posted it’s a part of the Shrek Collection! (trying to get them all out here, but i hate doing them all in one post!) It’s quite pale, and i really like it! The picture was really hard to do (seeing as i have manages to break the flash on my Nikon), so the picture under here is super blurry, but the colour is more true!


OPI Fiercly Fiona

9 May


Fiercly Fiona, again Shrek collection, is a pale yellow leaning hard towards green rather than orange. The application was okay, and even though it’s a pastel colour, it’s not chalky! really like this one, and i can see it as a great summer polish when i get a tan 😀

OPI Ogre-the-top Blue

9 May


Again, a part of the Shrek collection. This is an amazing true blue creme! This was just two coats, and the application was amazing! I must say this is one of my favorites from this collection! I own a few blue cremes, but this is one of the best, both in colour and in quality!

OPI Who the Shrek are you?

9 May


I have just gotten the entire Shrek collection (managed to snatch it from Transdesign.. dunno if they have removed OPI yet?). I have decided to continue to shop from transdesign, but i’ll do bigger hauls at a time and not so often! That way i can sort of justify the shipping costs! Although over $100 in shipping is just insane!

On to the polish! This is a green creme! I’m not quite sure if i like the colour! it’s just insane! definetly one of those ugly-awesome polishes! The application was pretty good, and this was three layers!