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Depend 185

5 May


185 is a dusty orange creme! I’m not quite sure if i like it 😛 it looks okay on the picture, but IRL i’m not sure if it goes with my skintone… well, i could always use it for nailart!


Depend 172

2 May


Depend 172 is a mossy green creme polish! It’s opaque in two coats, but i did three! I really like this one! It’s mute but still quite pretty! 😀

Depend 169

16 Mar


This is a very dark grey! It leans a bit to the blue side, and it a wonderful colour! Its a cream polish with no shimmer or sparkels in it! I do believe this was three coats!

Depend 58

9 Mar


This is a duochrome light purple with holo glitter. It turns green in certain light, and i really like it! At first i was a bit sceptical, but now i like it a lot! This was three coats, as it is a bit sheer!

How do you like this kind of photo as opposed to the regular kind? I had to do it like this with this one to bring out the full effect of the glitter!

Depend 192

6 Mar


This is a nude polish from the Swedish brand Depend. It’s way too light for me, and a bit more on the “gray” side than the H&M one! It’s a really good formula, and this was three coats! I really like this one! I think it would make a great pedicure polish!

Here is a picture comparing the H&M and The Depend!

Depend no. 41

2 Mar


This is seriously my favourite polish at the time!!! just look at it! You know the saying “nails are jewels not tools”? This made my nails look like Sapphires! I was mezmerized by it all day! This was only two coats, and it is totally opaque!

Anyroad, Depend is a sweedish brand that makes a lot of great nailstuff, and their polishes are excelent (?spellcheck?) and really reasonably priced! They don’t have names, but numbers, so remember 41!