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China Glaze Strawberry Fields

6 Jul


This is kind of a wierd colour! It’s a pink jelly-ish base with gold shimmer! It is a true beauty! To be honest, this swatch is quite old (see the break on my index!), so i don’t remember how it applied and the number of coats!

And about my break here, was in Egypt for a week (where do egyptians buy their nailpolish? all i found was so old the polish had separated completely), and after that i have been working non-stop! Have you done anything exciting so far this summer?


China Glaze Custom Kicks

30 Mar

This was a part of the Kicks collection last summer, and i looove this colour! The only drawback is that it stains my nails horribly unless i have two layers of basecoat! Also, i have had trouble finding a topcoat that doesn’t yellow this polish.. but it looks good without a topcoat!

In sunlight!


In the indoors picture, you can really see the gold shimmer in this one! That is what makes it so unique! A teal polish with gold shimmer!! amazing!

CND Effects Gold Sparkle

24 Mar


Gold Sparke is one of the CND Effects, and i LOVE it!!! I tried to capture it’s beauty here over China Glaze Lemon Fizz, but it’s kinda hard to see.. it rained that day, so no sunlight! Anyroad, this is a sort of topcoat, and it is (surprisingly) a gold sparkle-effect! It is completely transparent except the sparkles, and the brush is super great! if the other CND polishes has this brush, i’ll be a happy girl!!! You can decide how much of an effect you want by adding more layers! I’m not sure how it is on it’s own, but i’m sure it’s awesome! (it’s just that i hate my naked nails! :P)

OPI Absolutely Alice

11 Mar


This is, as i said in the haul post, my first ever OPI (well, i have a couple Sephora by OPI/OPI by sephora but they don’t count). I really love the polish, but it was a bit hard to apply… The brush is kinda wierd! It just gathers these clumps og polish, so it’s a bit hard to get it even. That could be because it is a glitter.
This is one of the most perfect glitters i own! Unlike Dorothy Who? by China Glaze, this is a clear base with blue and gold glitter (The CG is a blue jelly base with silver glitter). I love it, it was opaque in two coats, but it was a bitch to remove 😛 but what can you expect with so much glitter… Wow this was a lot of writing, so i’ll stop now! 🙂