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China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

22 May


This is just… i have no words! Amazeballs! Deep deep jelly green with green glitter! Opaque in three coats, and one coat of topcoat. it’s just so pretty! loves it! I have no idea what collection it’s from, but in my opinion it should have been with the Oz collection (you know, the emerald city..)


Shrek marble

13 May

I thought i’d finish of the Shrek Collection from OPI by doing a marble! This is with all the colours. These were all great for marbeling, but i have to say i liked the way i arranged the colours on my right hand better than the left!

left hand

right hand

OPI Who the Shrek are you?

9 May


I have just gotten the entire Shrek collection (managed to snatch it from Transdesign.. dunno if they have removed OPI yet?). I have decided to continue to shop from transdesign, but i’ll do bigger hauls at a time and not so often! That way i can sort of justify the shipping costs! Although over $100 in shipping is just insane!

On to the polish! This is a green creme! I’m not quite sure if i like the colour! it’s just insane! definetly one of those ugly-awesome polishes! The application was pretty good, and this was three layers!

Depend 172

2 May


Depend 172 is a mossy green creme polish! It’s opaque in two coats, but i did three! I really like this one! It’s mute but still quite pretty! 😀

H&M Garden Green

12 Apr

H&M has quite a few Hello Kitty products, and this is one of them. Most of them are quite “meh” but this one, i really like!

It is a superlight green, with the most amazing shimmer in it! It hovers between shimmer and metallic, but i would call it super-shimmer or something 😛

artificial light:


OPI Jade is the new Black

11 Apr



I really love this colour!! i didn’t plan on getting it, but when i saw it i just had to have it! This is quite the hyped up polish, but it deserves it! I looove it! It is a dusty medium/dark green, and it applies like a dream! This is my first creme OPI, and i am definetly getting more of these!

NOTD: green and yellow marble

8 Mar


All four colours are from the China Glaze Up&Away collection! 😀 i’m getting the hang of this now! Just need to perfect my cleanup skills 😀

China Glaze Entourage

6 Mar


This one was taken on the day when my camera didn’t like me much! Entourage is a very bright lime-ish green! The picture really doesn’t do it justice! It snowed like mad that day, so i struggled with getting a good picture of this one! It’s quite sheer, and i needed at least three coats to avoid the dreaded VNL. It has shimmer in it, and i really like it! It’s not really work-friendly!

Barry M 304 Green Mint

10 Feb

This is a minty green (duh). I really like this one! It’s a bit more dusky and green than Essie and ChG. I’ll post some pictures to compare them. This Polish is quite sheer. It’s almost like a jelly, so this was 4 thin coats. Both of these pictures are in daylight, but the slightly blurry one is without flash, and is the most colour accurate.



Barry M Green Glitter

6 Feb


This polish is cleverly named Green Glitter. It’s a dense glitterpolish with a clear base. I think it would be better with a green jelly-base, but whatevs’. This was 4 coats, and it was a B%¤#h to remove 😛 I do love it though! It is really pretty. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. It really is more yellow than blue!