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H&M Check me out!

8 Jul

AH! dry cuticles!!! darn camera showing things i can’t see in real life 😛 These pictures are kinda cool, i think! I had i tiny sliver of sunlight through a window.
On to the polish! it’s a coral creme with excelent formula! Two coats! and this was a $5 polish! I really love this colour! It looks great both on tan and pale hands! Get this if you have the chance!!! so pretty!

checkmeout2 checkmeout


H&M Purple

6 Jul

H&M has come out with two 4-packs with nailpolish, and this is from the non-neon one!

This polish is very pretty! A dusty kind of shimmery purple! The only thing is this one smells bad.. like really bad! not when it’s dry though, so you wont have stinky nails 😛


H&M Cha Cha

31 May

This is such a beautiful polish! It’s a nude/beige with holographic effect! It also has a little bit of shimmer to it! This is a three-coater and it dries quite fast! Concidering it cost me 39,50 kr (about $6), this is an amazing polish! It’s so muted and classy indoors, but when you get out in the sun, it just amazes me with it’s awesomeness!

Sunlight, cloudy
chacha chacha2
Indoors, flash
Outdoors, sunshine

H&M Sinful Senorita

25 May

This is just a beautiful polish! It’s a dark pink, leaning on purple, holo polish! It’s opaque in one coat, but perfect in two! It’s super easy to clean up, and i just love the effect. This is my first holo after all, so i may be a bit overwhelmed in the whole thing! I might find a better one, but this is just pure perfection!

Outside, overcast
sinfulsenorita sinfulsenorita2
Inside, artificial light and flash

Outside, Sunshine!

H&M Garden Pink

23 May

gardenpink gardenpink2

From the Hello Kitty garden collection! This is a medium toned pink with small and big shimmers! It’s completely opaque in two coats. I’m not sure if this one looks any good with my skintone, but it’s a really pretty polish!

Nailart: black with bling!

22 May


Here i have used H&M Manhunter as a base, and blinged out my ringfingers! I started of by adding one layer of CND sugar sparkle effects on the ringfinger only! The rhinestones are different sizes and i bought them on ebay! The pearls are also from ebay, and there are some tiny golden bead-thingys as well! Topped it all of with a thick layer of topcoat from Microcell. I really should have had a gel sealer or something, but i only do acrylics, not gels, so i don’t have a UV-lamp!

I have been doing lots of manis with rhinestones lately. Do you like using rhinestones, or is it too much?

H&M red nail

22 May


This is red nail from H&M.. not the most creative name in the world, but it describes it really well! Again, you can see the rift in my nail 😦 poor nail, but it hung in there for a long time! Anyways, the nailpolish is a jelly, and it takes three coats to make it more or less opaque! I keep buying reds in the hopes that they will be a creme finish, but alas, they never are! The colour is great on this one though! True red, and what you see in the bottle is what you get on the nail, unlike a few China Glazes i own!

This was a bit messy, but i’m feeling a bit all over the place today 😛

Watermarble video!

15 May

heres a tutorial on how i do watermarbleing!

All these polishes are from H&M, as i find it turns out nicer when the polishes are all from the same brand! I topped it of with CND gold sparkles effects!

I have a separate glass i use for marbleing. i wouldn’t recomend using the nicest one in the house, seeing as it will be full of nailpolish! You can use a plastic glass or a papercup, but don’t use one of those styrofoam cups! nailpolish disolves it 😛

H&M manhunter

13 Apr

This is a black-black jelly with a shine you wouldn’t believe!!! It has no shimmer or glitter or anything. Just basic beautiful black! The application is just a dream, and this was three coats. I have to say that i have a sorta secret love of black nailpolish! I wore it way before the Chanel hype, and i still love it!



H&M Garden Green

12 Apr

H&M has quite a few Hello Kitty products, and this is one of them. Most of them are quite “meh” but this one, i really like!

It is a superlight green, with the most amazing shimmer in it! It hovers between shimmer and metallic, but i would call it super-shimmer or something 😛

artificial light: