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China Glaze Ruby Pumps

14 Jun

Ruby Pumps is another revamped swatch! Look at this beauty! OMG! so pretty! Red jelly with red glitter! This one came out (again?) with the Wizard of Oz collection! I’m so happy i have this one! A true gem in my collection! Need backup of this one!

rubypumps1 rubypumps2

Later i’ll do a post on how i take my swatch pictures.. i think i have perfected it quite well now!


H&M red nail

22 May


This is red nail from H&M.. not the most creative name in the world, but it describes it really well! Again, you can see the rift in my nail 😦 poor nail, but it hung in there for a long time! Anyways, the nailpolish is a jelly, and it takes three coats to make it more or less opaque! I keep buying reds in the hopes that they will be a creme finish, but alas, they never are! The colour is great on this one though! True red, and what you see in the bottle is what you get on the nail, unlike a few China Glazes i own!

This was a bit messy, but i’m feeling a bit all over the place today 😛

H&M manhunter

13 Apr

This is a black-black jelly with a shine you wouldn’t believe!!! It has no shimmer or glitter or anything. Just basic beautiful black! The application is just a dream, and this was three coats. I have to say that i have a sorta secret love of black nailpolish! I wore it way before the Chanel hype, and i still love it!



H&M orange

5 Mar

I’m sure this one has a name, but the sticker-thingy has disappeard! It’s not a recent polish, so it’s not avaliable in stores!


I had to loose the flash to get it orange and not red… it’s a quite sheer polish, so i needed 4 coats, and i still have VNL! I really don’t like this one, so i’m not quite sure why i still have it…

Essie Lollipop

11 Feb


This is a bit hastily applied, so it’s not that even, but i really love this polish! It’s a quite sheer red, and i had to use four coats to make it completely opaque. I bought the holidays box of mini polishes, and i really love them all 😀

This is truly a true red. it is however a bit more on the blue side than on the orange/yellow side.