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China Glaze Agent Lavender

26 Apr

This is a much desired polish! I do believe it was is the Operation: Colour collection from 08 or 09! Anyroad, i really like this polish. It’s a very light cooltoned lavender. The first picture is indoors with flash and the second picture is in direct sunlight!




H&M Liberty Girl

4 Mar


This is a dusky blue-ish laverder-ish polish! This was super hard to capture on camera, and the colour is really more lavender than blue! This was 3 coats! Not totally crazy about this one at the moment, but i’m guessing it will be great when the summer comes and i get a tan!

China Glaze: light as air

28 Jan


This is a gorgeous lavender-ish polish.. it’s quite similar til Agent Lavender from the same brand. I’ll do a comparisin next week sometime.. at the time i have acrylics on. This was two coats, but I think I needed three… it’s a bit uneven on my middlefinger!This is also a part of the Up&Away collection.

The weekend will be empty, because i’m going to London 😀 I’ll do a whole lot of shopping because i’m going there for IMATS!