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Liverpool nailart

4 Jul

So Linnie from Linnie’s favourites has a soccer-contest going! Personally i don’t like soccer that much, but my boyfriend is obsessed. So i decided to do a mani in honor of his favourite team, Liverpool FC! This is all freehand! The middle is the logo, the ring finger is the number of the BF’s fav player, Torres. The red with the white stripes is representing the shirts, made by adidas!


The red is China Glaze Vermillion, The white is H&M Love at First sight, the green is Jade is the new Black from OPI and the yellow/orange is Happy Go lucky and some Vermillion, both China Glaze!

I would love it if you voted for me ;D


Nailart: black with bling!

22 May


Here i have used H&M Manhunter as a base, and blinged out my ringfingers! I started of by adding one layer of CND sugar sparkle effects on the ringfinger only! The rhinestones are different sizes and i bought them on ebay! The pearls are also from ebay, and there are some tiny golden bead-thingys as well! Topped it all of with a thick layer of topcoat from Microcell. I really should have had a gel sealer or something, but i only do acrylics, not gels, so i don’t have a UV-lamp!

I have been doing lots of manis with rhinestones lately. Do you like using rhinestones, or is it too much?

Watermarble video!

15 May

heres a tutorial on how i do watermarbleing!

All these polishes are from H&M, as i find it turns out nicer when the polishes are all from the same brand! I topped it of with CND gold sparkles effects!

I have a separate glass i use for marbleing. i wouldn’t recomend using the nicest one in the house, seeing as it will be full of nailpolish! You can use a plastic glass or a papercup, but don’t use one of those styrofoam cups! nailpolish disolves it 😛

Shrek marble

13 May

I thought i’d finish of the Shrek Collection from OPI by doing a marble! This is with all the colours. These were all great for marbeling, but i have to say i liked the way i arranged the colours on my right hand better than the left!

left hand

right hand

latest marble

21 Apr

right hand:

left hand

All China Glaze: Grape Pop, Heli-yum, Happy Go Lucky

The blue one is self-made frankenpolish made out of Custom Kicks, White out, and Light As Air. The whole shabang is topped of by China Glaze Snowglobe 😀

new stuff: Nailart brushes

18 Apr

I decided i needed some proper nailart brushes! So i bought some 😛 I really like them! They seem to be good quality! Only thing is i think i need to reinforce the furrels (a word? the metal thingy that connects the bristles and the handle) with some superglue! some of them are a bit wriggly! I also found that some of them are great for clean-up brushes.. i don’t know if it’s real hair though, so i will not be using it in acetone! I bought it on ebay from this seller!


First ever konadicure

9 Apr

I have had the “intro kit” for a while now, but i didn’t particularily like the imageplate, so i didn’t bother with it 😛 But my last order from transdesign had an imageplate in it, so here goes. First ever attempt, and it looks awesome if i say so myself! The base colour is China Glaze Peachy Keen and the stamping colour is China Glaze Grape Pop. The fail on my ringfinger also has China Glaze Heli-Yum.


The image plate is m66 and as a topping i used CND effects in Sugar Sparkle.

Bugs nailart contest

4 Apr

So this is the first time i have ever entered a nailart contest, and in my opinion it shows 😛 i am way in awe of the other entries, but i guess it will just have to do 😛 I would appericiate it if you would vote for me here


(the watermark on the picture on The Laquer Files is different, because the header on my blog was different 😛 )

Ruffian hatter

16 Mar


I used my own polish as a base (check out the category Frankenpolish!). I didn’t have the time to take it off.. glitter you know, so i decided to try out this ruffian manicure. I used China Glaze Flyin’ High as the top colour and topped the whole thing of with Essie 3-way glaze.. i like it!!! it feels like i have gemstones or something on my nails 😀

My take on the matte glossy nails

14 Mar

I don’t know if you read her blog, but jellynat is really talented (so read it!)! She posted some matte nails, that she made to look glossy! Later she posted a tutorial (here), and i just had to try… this is clearly not my best work 😛

I used China Glaze Grape Pop and mixed it with white and black to get the different shades of purple…I need to do this again, but better!