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Feather konad

19 Jul

OPI Ogre the top Blue with konad imageplate that i can’t remember 😛 The stamping polish is Chanel Blue Satin



Shrek marble

13 May

I thought i’d finish of the Shrek Collection from OPI by doing a marble! This is with all the colours. These were all great for marbeling, but i have to say i liked the way i arranged the colours on my right hand better than the left!

left hand

right hand

OPI Funky Donkey

11 May


Funky Donkey, the last one in the Shrek collection is a deep purple creme, leaning more to blue than red! This one was super easy to apply! Two coats, and voila! I have been told that it’s a dead ringer for China Glaze Grape Pop from the Up&Away collection. So i guess if you have either one of those, you won’t need the other 😛 i like to complete sets though 😛 i’m weird like that!

OPI What’s With the Cattitude?

10 May


I dented this one… sorry! Anyway, this is a creme polish, part of the shrek collection from OPI and it’s a pastel blue! Now i don’t have the biggest nailpolish collection in the world, but i don’t have a single one like this! The colour is really pretty, but the brush was a bit wonky! Strands of hair sticks out and the application was a bit complicated. I can get past that though! From what i’ve seen on other blogs, there seems to be trouble with at least one brush from the shrek  collection for everyone 😛

OPI Rumple’s Wiggin’

9 May


Rumple’s Wiggin’ is a light purple creme and as the last swatches i’ve posted it’s a part of the Shrek Collection! (trying to get them all out here, but i hate doing them all in one post!) It’s quite pale, and i really like it! The picture was really hard to do (seeing as i have manages to break the flash on my Nikon), so the picture under here is super blurry, but the colour is more true!


OPI Fiercly Fiona

9 May


Fiercly Fiona, again Shrek collection, is a pale yellow leaning hard towards green rather than orange. The application was okay, and even though it’s a pastel colour, it’s not chalky! really like this one, and i can see it as a great summer polish when i get a tan 😀

OPI Ogre-the-top Blue

9 May


Again, a part of the Shrek collection. This is an amazing true blue creme! This was just two coats, and the application was amazing! I must say this is one of my favorites from this collection! I own a few blue cremes, but this is one of the best, both in colour and in quality!

OPI Who the Shrek are you?

9 May


I have just gotten the entire Shrek collection (managed to snatch it from Transdesign.. dunno if they have removed OPI yet?). I have decided to continue to shop from transdesign, but i’ll do bigger hauls at a time and not so often! That way i can sort of justify the shipping costs! Although over $100 in shipping is just insane!

On to the polish! This is a green creme! I’m not quite sure if i like the colour! it’s just insane! definetly one of those ugly-awesome polishes! The application was pretty good, and this was three layers!

OPI Mad as a Hatter

25 Apr

I finally got it!!! i’m so happy! So this will be quite a picture-spam compared to what i usually do!

This one is a bit easier to apply than Absolutely Alice. It’s not quite as “gloopy” as AA. It is, as most of you know by now a multicoloured glitter with a clear base! It was so worth the wait! I need 100 backups so i have this for the rest of my life 😀

indoors (artificial light with flash):

indirect sunlight (through a window):

Direct sunlight:

Blurry, to show the magic:


OPI Jade is the new Black

11 Apr



I really love this colour!! i didn’t plan on getting it, but when i saw it i just had to have it! This is quite the hyped up polish, but it deserves it! I looove it! It is a dusty medium/dark green, and it applies like a dream! This is my first creme OPI, and i am definetly getting more of these!