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China Glaze Sun Worshiper

15 May

sunwhorshiper sunwhorshiper2

China Glaze Sun Worshipper is a neon orange! This is without a white base, and only three coats, so it is quite opaque for a neon! i really like this one! it seems bright, but nothing special indoors, but when you go outside! BOY it’s bright!


Depend 185

5 May


185 is a dusty orange creme! I’m not quite sure if i like it 😛 it looks okay on the picture, but IRL i’m not sure if it goes with my skintone… well, i could always use it for nailart!

China Glaze Dreamsicle

30 Mar


This is an interesting polish.. it’s an orange jelly base, with quite big  glitters (though the glitters are different sizes). This was 3 coats! It was a pain in the “foot” to photograph, so i had to edit a bit, but now it’s about right! It is a bit bumpy, but i really like it!!! A great colour for your toes 😉

H&M orange

5 Mar

I’m sure this one has a name, but the sticker-thingy has disappeard! It’s not a recent polish, so it’s not avaliable in stores!


I had to loose the flash to get it orange and not red… it’s a quite sheer polish, so i needed 4 coats, and i still have VNL! I really don’t like this one, so i’m not quite sure why i still have it…