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China Glaze Strawberry Fields

6 Jul


This is kind of a wierd colour! It’s a pink jelly-ish base with gold shimmer! It is a true beauty! To be honest, this swatch is quite old (see the break on my index!), so i don’t remember how it applied and the number of coats!

And about my break here, was in Egypt for a week (where do egyptians buy their nailpolish? all i found was so old the polish had separated completely), and after that i have been working non-stop! Have you done anything exciting so far this summer?


H&M Sinful Senorita

25 May

This is just a beautiful polish! It’s a dark pink, leaning on purple, holo polish! It’s opaque in one coat, but perfect in two! It’s super easy to clean up, and i just love the effect. This is my first holo after all, so i may be a bit overwhelmed in the whole thing! I might find a better one, but this is just pure perfection!

Outside, overcast
sinfulsenorita sinfulsenorita2
Inside, artificial light and flash

Outside, Sunshine!

H&M Garden Pink

23 May

gardenpink gardenpink2

From the Hello Kitty garden collection! This is a medium toned pink with small and big shimmers! It’s completely opaque in two coats. I’m not sure if this one looks any good with my skintone, but it’s a really pretty polish!

China Glaze Laced Up

17 May

  This is my favourite pink!!! it’s a perfect medium-toned barbie creme! It came out last year with the Kicks collection, and it was one of my first ever China Glaze polishes!lacedup lacedup2

This was three coats with Microcell topcoat! and if you look closely at the first picture you can se the break in my indexnail, whic is why i now have nubbins! it’s really uncomfortable and weird to have super short nails, but i guess i’ll get over it! And they grow quite fast, so it wont be a problem for long 🙂

China Glaze Pool Party

6 May

Without Topcoat


Neon. Dark. Pink. Love! (poolside collection, 3 coats)

latest marble

21 Apr

right hand:

left hand

All China Glaze: Grape Pop, Heli-yum, Happy Go Lucky

The blue one is self-made frankenpolish made out of Custom Kicks, White out, and Light As Air. The whole shabang is topped of by China Glaze Snowglobe 😀

China Glaze Heli-yum

16 Mar


This is from the Up&Away collection, and i LOOOVE it!! it’s a deep deep pink, almost a berry red.. it goes on super smooth, and this was only two coats!!

Faded Nailpolish tutorial

9 Mar

This is my first video actually doing nailart, so don’t laugh at me 😉

Make sure to start by the tip, so that you don’t have too much nailpolish on the sponge when you go up towards the cuticle!
This is the finished result, topped of with China Glaze Snowglobe

China Glaze – Good Witch?

26 Feb


Yeah, this was one of those camera days that didn’t work out, but you can see the colour, and the glitter comes out quite nice!

Anyroad, this is a shimmery light pink with sliver glitter in it! I really do love it in the bottle, but i’m not sure about how it looks with my skintone.. maybe when summer comes and my hands tan up a bit!

pink and brown polkadots

21 Feb


H&M  Boho Chicomania and China Glaze Something Sweet! this is a really easy thing to do to spice up a mani! I don’t own any dotting tools, so i just used the slightly pointy end of a crochet-needle!