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China Glaze Strawberry Fields

6 Jul


This is kind of a wierd colour! It’s a pink jelly-ish base with gold shimmer! It is a true beauty! To be honest, this swatch is quite old (see the break on my index!), so i don’t remember how it applied and the number of coats!

And about my break here, was in Egypt for a week (where do egyptians buy their nailpolish? all i found was so old the polish had separated completely), and after that i have been working non-stop! Have you done anything exciting so far this summer?


H&M Purple

6 Jul

H&M has come out with two 4-packs with nailpolish, and this is from the non-neon one!

This polish is very pretty! A dusty kind of shimmery purple! The only thing is this one smells bad.. like really bad! not when it’s dry though, so you wont have stinky nails 😛


China Glaze C-c-courage

14 Jun

A new “revamped” swatch of China Glaze C-c-courage! A beautiful purple shimmer, almost metallic, polish with glitter! I’ll do a couple of these “revamped” swatches, beacuase i cringe from looking at the first ones i made 😛 No clean-up and terrible cuticles!

 cccourage1 cccourage2

H&M Garden Pink

23 May

gardenpink gardenpink2

From the Hello Kitty garden collection! This is a medium toned pink with small and big shimmers! It’s completely opaque in two coats. I’m not sure if this one looks any good with my skintone, but it’s a really pretty polish!

China Glaze Towel Boy Toy

6 May


Awesome blue neon with shimmer!!! loves it! It dries matte-ish, as most neons do, but i just slap on a coat of topcoat! This was three coats! Part of the Poolside collection!

Sephora by OPI: Mermaid to order

25 Apr


i LOVE this polish!!! which is odd, because i’m not a huge fan of metallic/shimmery finishes! This is just such a deep colour! It applies really well, though it is kind of sheer, so this is four coats!

H&M Garden Green

12 Apr

H&M has quite a few Hello Kitty products, and this is one of them. Most of them are quite “meh” but this one, i really like!

It is a superlight green, with the most amazing shimmer in it! It hovers between shimmer and metallic, but i would call it super-shimmer or something 😛

artificial light:


China Glaze Fly

11 Apr

artificial light:

This is truly an amazing polish! It is a mid-tone purple with a blue-ish shimmer in it! It was a part of the Kicks collection from last year. It applies really well, and this was three coats.

Oh and, my indexfingernail broke during the easter, and there was no saving it 😦

China Glaze Custom Kicks

30 Mar

This was a part of the Kicks collection last summer, and i looove this colour! The only drawback is that it stains my nails horribly unless i have two layers of basecoat! Also, i have had trouble finding a topcoat that doesn’t yellow this polish.. but it looks good without a topcoat!

In sunlight!


In the indoors picture, you can really see the gold shimmer in this one! That is what makes it so unique! A teal polish with gold shimmer!! amazing!

Depend 58

9 Mar


This is a duochrome light purple with holo glitter. It turns green in certain light, and i really like it! At first i was a bit sceptical, but now i like it a lot! This was three coats, as it is a bit sheer!

How do you like this kind of photo as opposed to the regular kind? I had to do it like this with this one to bring out the full effect of the glitter!