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China Glaze Flyin High

3 Jun

flyinhigh  flyinhigh2

Teal creme polish from the Up&Away collection! Opaque in two coats, and i really like it! Haven’t worn it as a full mani yet. Don’t really know why! There are too many polishes in the world 😛


Sephora by OPI: Mermaid to order

25 Apr


i LOVE this polish!!! which is odd, because i’m not a huge fan of metallic/shimmery finishes! This is just such a deep colour! It applies really well, though it is kind of sheer, so this is four coats!

China Glaze Custom Kicks

30 Mar

This was a part of the Kicks collection last summer, and i looove this colour! The only drawback is that it stains my nails horribly unless i have two layers of basecoat! Also, i have had trouble finding a topcoat that doesn’t yellow this polish.. but it looks good without a topcoat!

In sunlight!


In the indoors picture, you can really see the gold shimmer in this one! That is what makes it so unique! A teal polish with gold shimmer!! amazing!