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CND Effects Gold Sparkle

24 Mar


Gold Sparke is one of the CND Effects, and i LOVE it!!! I tried to capture it’s beauty here over China Glaze Lemon Fizz, but it’s kinda hard to see.. it rained that day, so no sunlight! Anyroad, this is a sort of topcoat, and it is (surprisingly) a gold sparkle-effect! It is completely transparent except the sparkles, and the brush is super great! if the other CND polishes has this brush, i’ll be a happy girl!!! You can decide how much of an effect you want by adding more layers! I’m not sure how it is on it’s own, but i’m sure it’s awesome! (it’s just that i hate my naked nails! :P)


China Glaze Sugar High with Essie Matte about you

26 Jan


I wanted to see how it would look matte. I really like it, but i think i was a bit to hasty, and the streaky-ness is beacuse i didn’t wait for the pink polish to dry completely! This picture was taken at the start of my day, and i will post a picture of how it looks after work!

I also have Orlys Matte Top, and it doesn’t stay on all day, and the polish gets shiny after a few hours!