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Watermarble video!

15 May

heres a tutorial on how i do watermarbleing!

All these polishes are from H&M, as i find it turns out nicer when the polishes are all from the same brand! I topped it of with CND gold sparkles effects!

I have a separate glass i use for marbleing. i wouldn’t recomend using the nicest one in the house, seeing as it will be full of nailpolish! You can use a plastic glass or a papercup, but don’t use one of those styrofoam cups! nailpolish disolves it 😛


Faded Nailpolish tutorial

9 Mar

This is my first video actually doing nailart, so don’t laugh at me 😉

Make sure to start by the tip, so that you don’t have too much nailpolish on the sponge when you go up towards the cuticle!
This is the finished result, topped of with China Glaze Snowglobe