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China Glaze Yellow Polkadot Bikini

26 May

This is a bright bright bright neon yellow! It’s quite a cooltoned colour, and it looks awesome! I had to layer it over white though (H&M Love at first Sight), because of all the Poolside polishes, this is the sheerest (most sheer?) of them all!

I also added some polkadots 😛 I just couldn’t help it! The polish was a bit gloopy though, so there were some stringy-things around!


By the way, which angle do you like better? The straight on shot of my fingers or the sideways one?


Shrek marble

13 May

I thought i’d finish of the Shrek Collection from OPI by doing a marble! This is with all the colours. These were all great for marbeling, but i have to say i liked the way i arranged the colours on my right hand better than the left!

left hand

right hand

OPI Fiercly Fiona

9 May


Fiercly Fiona, again Shrek collection, is a pale yellow leaning hard towards green rather than orange. The application was okay, and even though it’s a pastel colour, it’s not chalky! really like this one, and i can see it as a great summer polish when i get a tan 😀

latest marble

21 Apr

right hand:

left hand

All China Glaze: Grape Pop, Heli-yum, Happy Go Lucky

The blue one is self-made frankenpolish made out of Custom Kicks, White out, and Light As Air. The whole shabang is topped of by China Glaze Snowglobe 😀

CND Effects Gold Sparkle

24 Mar


Gold Sparke is one of the CND Effects, and i LOVE it!!! I tried to capture it’s beauty here over China Glaze Lemon Fizz, but it’s kinda hard to see.. it rained that day, so no sunlight! Anyroad, this is a sort of topcoat, and it is (surprisingly) a gold sparkle-effect! It is completely transparent except the sparkles, and the brush is super great! if the other CND polishes has this brush, i’ll be a happy girl!!! You can decide how much of an effect you want by adding more layers! I’m not sure how it is on it’s own, but i’m sure it’s awesome! (it’s just that i hate my naked nails! :P)

NOTD: green and yellow marble

8 Mar


All four colours are from the China Glaze Up&Away collection! 😀 i’m getting the hang of this now! Just need to perfect my cleanup skills 😀

Starry “something”

19 Feb

I really don’t have a name for this design… i kinda stole it from The Daily Nail… Anywho, i used Happy Go Lucky and Sugar High, both from China Glaze! Oh, and a gold glitter nailart polish from Kiss!


China Glaze Happy Go Lucky

11 Feb

With Flash:
This is a YELLOW yellow!!! It really is a happy colour though 😀 I really like it, and it was a dream to apply. This was two coats, and I’m usually a three-coat-kinda gal’. This is a part of the Up&Away collection! A real winner!!!

China Glaze Lemon Fizz

8 Feb


This is a part of the Up&Away collection. It is a pale pastel yellow creme. This was three coats. It was a bit chalky at first, but the second coat was way better! I needed a third because i was clumsy and made some bumps. This was without any topcoat, and indoors, so it looks a bit matte.. it’s not though!