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Feather konad

19 Jul

OPI Ogre the top Blue with konad imageplate that i can’t remember 😛 The stamping polish is Chanel Blue Satin



H&M Check me out!

8 Jul

AH! dry cuticles!!! darn camera showing things i can’t see in real life 😛 These pictures are kinda cool, i think! I had i tiny sliver of sunlight through a window.
On to the polish! it’s a coral creme with excelent formula! Two coats! and this was a $5 polish! I really love this colour! It looks great both on tan and pale hands! Get this if you have the chance!!! so pretty!

checkmeout2 checkmeout

China Glaze Dorothy Who?

6 Jul

Another revamp! Can’t believe how bad my first swatches were 😛 and those cuticles.. man! As most  nail-fanatics know this is a blue jelly base with tons of silver glitter in it! Such a pretty colour.




China Glaze Strawberry Fields

6 Jul


This is kind of a wierd colour! It’s a pink jelly-ish base with gold shimmer! It is a true beauty! To be honest, this swatch is quite old (see the break on my index!), so i don’t remember how it applied and the number of coats!

And about my break here, was in Egypt for a week (where do egyptians buy their nailpolish? all i found was so old the polish had separated completely), and after that i have been working non-stop! Have you done anything exciting so far this summer?

H&M Purple

6 Jul

H&M has come out with two 4-packs with nailpolish, and this is from the non-neon one!

This polish is very pretty! A dusty kind of shimmery purple! The only thing is this one smells bad.. like really bad! not when it’s dry though, so you wont have stinky nails 😛


Liverpool nailart

4 Jul

So Linnie from Linnie’s favourites has a soccer-contest going! Personally i don’t like soccer that much, but my boyfriend is obsessed. So i decided to do a mani in honor of his favourite team, Liverpool FC! This is all freehand! The middle is the logo, the ring finger is the number of the BF’s fav player, Torres. The red with the white stripes is representing the shirts, made by adidas!


The red is China Glaze Vermillion, The white is H&M Love at First sight, the green is Jade is the new Black from OPI and the yellow/orange is Happy Go lucky and some Vermillion, both China Glaze!

I would love it if you voted for me ;D