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China Glaze Dorothy Who?

6 Jul

Another revamp! Can’t believe how bad my first swatches were 😛 and those cuticles.. man! As most  nail-fanatics know this is a blue jelly base with tons of silver glitter in it! Such a pretty colour.





China Glaze Ruby Pumps

14 Jun

Ruby Pumps is another revamped swatch! Look at this beauty! OMG! so pretty! Red jelly with red glitter! This one came out (again?) with the Wizard of Oz collection! I’m so happy i have this one! A true gem in my collection! Need backup of this one!

rubypumps1 rubypumps2

Later i’ll do a post on how i take my swatch pictures.. i think i have perfected it quite well now!

China Glaze C-c-courage

14 Jun

A new “revamped” swatch of China Glaze C-c-courage! A beautiful purple shimmer, almost metallic, polish with glitter! I’ll do a couple of these “revamped” swatches, beacuase i cringe from looking at the first ones i made 😛 No clean-up and terrible cuticles!

 cccourage1 cccourage2

China Glaze Flying Dragon

30 May

flyingdragon1 flyingdragon2This is a true beauty! Deep, vibrant purple neon base with pink and blue glitters! It’s opaque in two coats and it dries to a matte-ish finish. This is with Micro Cell topcoat! It came out with the Ink collection in 08.

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

22 May


This is just… i have no words! Amazeballs! Deep deep jelly green with green glitter! Opaque in three coats, and one coat of topcoat. it’s just so pretty! loves it! I have no idea what collection it’s from, but in my opinion it should have been with the Oz collection (you know, the emerald city..)

purple franken!

2 May


This is China Glaze Dorothy Who and Ruby Pumps and a little bit of OPI Absolutely Alice. I really like this one! It turned out to become a really deep purple with the most beautiful mix of red and blue glitter!

OPI Mad as a Hatter

25 Apr

I finally got it!!! i’m so happy! So this will be quite a picture-spam compared to what i usually do!

This one is a bit easier to apply than Absolutely Alice. It’s not quite as “gloopy” as AA. It is, as most of you know by now a multicoloured glitter with a clear base! It was so worth the wait! I need 100 backups so i have this for the rest of my life 😀

indoors (artificial light with flash):

indirect sunlight (through a window):

Direct sunlight:

Blurry, to show the magic:


China Glaze Dreamsicle

30 Mar


This is an interesting polish.. it’s an orange jelly base, with quite big  glitters (though the glitters are different sizes). This was 3 coats! It was a pain in the “foot” to photograph, so i had to edit a bit, but now it’s about right! It is a bit bumpy, but i really like it!!! A great colour for your toes 😉

China Glaze Blue Sparrow

19 Mar


OMG! i looove this one! I can’t believe i’va had this for over a year without properly trying it out!!! Seeing as it is a blue neon base, it dries matte, and at the time i didn’t have a proper topcoat, i didn’t bother with it. The glitter is tiny and blue and it’s just awesome in sunlight! it’s such a deep colour!

Ruffian hatter

16 Mar


I used my own polish as a base (check out the category Frankenpolish!). I didn’t have the time to take it off.. glitter you know, so i decided to try out this ruffian manicure. I used China Glaze Flyin’ High as the top colour and topped the whole thing of with Essie 3-way glaze.. i like it!!! it feels like i have gemstones or something on my nails 😀