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Essie: Mint Candy Apple

17 Mar


There had been a lot of talk about this one, so natuarrly i got it… i don’t love it… i love the colour, but the brush on the mini bottle was terrible! It was tiiiny! So it got streaky and i needed 4 coats.. thats a bit much, even for me! When i need five strokes just to cover my nail, i’m not pleased! I’m guessing the bigger bottles are better, so I’m not writing of Essie completely here!

On to the colour! It’s a green mint (i wore green on st.pattys without even knowing it!), and it’s more blue-ish than Re-Fresh mint from China Glaze! It is a cream colour, and except for the brush-issue, i like it!


Barry M 304 Green Mint

10 Feb

This is a minty green (duh). I really like this one! It’s a bit more dusky and green than Essie and ChG. I’ll post some pictures to compare them. This Polish is quite sheer. It’s almost like a jelly, so this was 4 thin coats. Both of these pictures are in daylight, but the slightly blurry one is without flash, and is the most colour accurate.



China Glaze: Re-Fresh Mint

23 Jan


This is 4 coats, but i do believe you just need two. I was a bit clumsy (as you can see). It’s a really gorgeous minty colour with a little bit more green than blue. It’s quite cool-toned, but has a little bit of yellow in it.. in this sense, the picture really doesn’t do it justice. I’ll try to get some pictures in sunlight from now on!

This polish is a part of the Up&Away collection.